All posts in October 2009

  • Nike Aerow 90 Soccer Ball Animation

    In 2007 I was offered a contract position with Nike. They wanted me to produce an animation showcasing their new top of the line soccer ball called the Aerow 90. On release they changed the name to Total 90 Omni. Nike provided a CAD model of the ball and a texture map. In production I created several versions of the ball for the close ups, fly in, sweet spots, layers, and spin. The soccer dude on the field was a model from Nike that I rigged up for a simple turn animation. I pulled everything into After Effects CS3 for post production. I didn’t care much for the music but Nike liked it. My favorite part of the animation was the layers peeling back from within. I used Mental Ray for all the texturing and lighting. It was a challenging and fun project to work on and it also looks good in my portfolio.

  • X-Wing Fighter Prop from Star Wars: A New Hope

    A buddy of mine at Smith and Tinker collects movie props and he just purchased a piece of the X-Wing Fighter in Star Wars: A New Hope. This piece was from the end scene when the X-Wing was blasted away by Darth Vader in the Deathstar equatorial trench. Star Wars props are very rare and very cool to see in person.

    X-Wing Fighter Wing Detail

    X-Wing Fighter Wing Case

  • Viral Intro Animation

    A couple months ago I produced this intro animation at Smith and Tinker. We built the 3d models in-house except the the blue circuit environment. I setup the camera to fly into the Logovor eye and then into the circuit environment. I broke up the animation into three separate movies and then added post effects in After Effects. I used Mental Ray materials and lighting for the whole animation. Production time was about three days.

  • Nanovor Episode 15

    This is some of  the newest animated work from my current employer Smith and Tinker. I did all the 3D animation in the episode.  The 2d animation and post production work was done by my talented coworkers Anton Bogaty, Dustin Haynes, and Chris Rogers.