All posts in October 2010

  • Nanovor Evolution Game Trailer

    Recently I produced this game trailer Nanovor Evolution for Smith and Tinker. We released a new version of the game so we wanted to highlight some the new charaters and UI. I did all the 3D animation, Lighting, FX, and Rendering for the piece. Anton Bogaty did all the 2d animation and Post Production work.

  • Overworld Models

    I recently built and unwrapped some new environments for Nanovor Evolution. These were to go into the game before the company shut there doors. Anton Bogaty did the texturing.

  • Nanovor 3D Packaging

    I made some 3d packaging for the marketing department. This was mainly to see how the Nanovor toy line would look in package form. Cathy Brigg did all the art for the packaging.

  • Nanovor Print Ads

    I setup and rendered these character pieces for a nation wide print campaign. We used them for trade shows and game promos. Shane Small did all the Photoshop work for the ads. Used Mental Ray for rendering.

  • Nanovor Evolution TV Spot

    A coworker and I worked on this quick TV spot for Nanovor Evolution. I produced all the 3d animation for the piece. I really enjoyed animating the Battle Kraken zapping Dread Jaw at the end of the video. All the 3D assets are rendered using Mental Ray.