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  • Backjoy Posture Sleep Pillow Animation

    I just finished this animation for a client called Backjoy . It was a little complex to create. I had to build a pillow with several layers and that would conform to a head as it moved about the pillow. I created the blue body in poser and rigged the body to a max rig. I also attached a 3d spine, artery’s, and veins to the rig. I then had to hand animate the head and then pillow with a FFD mod. I used After Effects for all the post production.

  • Varilite Animation Production

    Back in December of 2012 I created this animation production for Varilite cushions. This took about three months to produce. It was a huge project to complete and a great learning experience. I shot all the video using my HD Canon camera. All the 3D animation was created in 3D Studio Max 2012. Post production was done with After Effects.