• 2010 Demo Reel

    I recently updated my demo reel with some new work from Smith and Tinker. Enjoy, Coleman

  • Nanovor Evolution Game Trailer

    Recently I produced this game trailer Nanovor Evolution for Smith and Tinker. We released a new version of the game so we wanted to highlight some the new charaters and UI. I did all the 3D animation, Lighting, FX, and Rendering for the piece. Anton Bogaty did all the 2d animation and Post Production work.

  • Overworld Models

    I recently built and unwrapped some new environments for Nanovor Evolution. These were to go into the game before the company shut there doors. Anton Bogaty did the texturing.

  • Nanovor Evolution TV Spot

    A coworker and I worked on this quick TV spot for Nanovor Evolution. I produced all the 3d animation for the piece. I really enjoyed animating the Battle Kraken zapping Dread Jaw at the end of the video. All the 3D assets are rendered using Mental Ray.

  • Season 2 Teaser Trailer

    I had three days to complete this trailer. I found the picture frame, clock, knight, stairs, and chandelier for free at Turbosquid. I added a noise controller to the camera and chandelier to create secondary movement. I used Mental Ray for the lighting and rendering. Anton Bogaty did the intro of the house and the end sequence. Turn your speakers on for this one.

  • Viral Intro Animation

    A couple months ago I produced this intro animation at Smith and Tinker. We built the 3d models in-house except the the blue circuit environment. I setup the camera to fly into the Logovor eye and then into the circuit environment. I broke up the animation into three separate movies and then added post effects in After Effects. I used Mental Ray materials and lighting for the whole animation. Production time was about three days.

  • Nanovor Episode 15

    This is some of  the newest animated work from my current employer Smith and Tinker. I did all the 3D animation in the episode.  The 2d animation and post production work was done by my talented coworkers Anton Bogaty, Dustin Haynes, and Chris Rogers.