Argosy Experimental Animations

During a slow period at Argosy Medical I got to create three animations of my choosing. I decide to do a dust mite, gymnast, and a birth animation. Each animation had it’s own complexity’s and was very challenging. I had about a month to complete the animations.

The rig for the birth animation was very complex. I used 3d max bones and Ik for the body and spline ik for the umbilical cord. The hardest part was animating the Uterus. That is the pink sack around the baby. I hand animated every vertex moving over the baby’s body.

The bed bug animation was a lot of fun to work on. I used a mix of ZBrush and Max for modeling and texturing. I then built a custom rig in max for the bed bug and duplicated the rig for animation.

The gymnast animation had some pretty complex rigging. I skinned three meshes to a Character Studio rig. I then rendered each one mesh separately then composited them in Adobe After Effects. I then animated the alpha channels in AE to fade in and out the skin, muscle, and bone. If you scrub through the animation you can see the different layers.