Coleman Smith, 3D animator/artist/photographer/mountaineer extraordinaire, discovered his special powers at the age of five after witnessing the counterattack of the evil Galactic Empire on the Rebel Alliance. Using a simple white bed sheet and some plastic models, young Coleman was able to recreate the epic battle on the Hoth ice field and foil the Imperial army with little more than his bare hands and imagination. Soon the teen was giving rise to a host of monsters, heros, and mutated cross-species animals like the zonkey (half zebra/half donkey), populating his textbooks and trapper keepers with mongrel brainchildren of his creative force.

Fall of 1994, a young man, Coleman left his desert family and embarked on a journey to become an animator. Completing his training, Coleman pursued work in the interactive entertainment realm. Possessing an underdeveloped well of talent and a rather large college loan, his first full-time job was designing with a small video gaming company. There Coleman picked up the fundamentals of project management, character rigging, and a sleep schedule set for Mumbai. Alas, wanderlust and a beautiful woman got the better of him, and he moved onto breathing life into medical and scientific imagery and commerical products. Now in Seattle, he owns a small and exciting animation company, where– if you are lucky– he will regale you with stories of his years of experience in digital video, photography, dog whispering, recylced material carpentry, guerilla fly fishing, and unconvential wine bottle opening.

•Certificate of Merit in Animation at the 2006 Associate of Medical Illustrators Meeting
•Award of Excellence in Animation at the 2006 Healthcare’s RX Club Show